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MesajKonu: Umbrakinezi Teknikleri   Ptsi Kas. 11, 2013 10:34 pm

Merhaba arkadaşlar bu benim ilk konum Very Happy Bugün sizlere konu anlatmak yerine daha çok keşfettiğim bir siteden alıntı yapacağım... Ama işin kötü tarafı sitenin ingilizce olması bu yüzden iyi bir İngilizceye sahip olmanız gerekmekte. Ben şahsen anlayabiliyorum çok ileri düzey değil ve umbrakinezi ile ilgili duymadığım numaralar keşfettim... Mesela gölgeler ile ışınlanabileceğinizi biliyor muydunuz ? Bunun gibi duymadığım onlarca şey şimdi alıntı yapacağım yazıda buyrun :

Exercise One: Negative BallEdit
So first, you need to summon negative energy. For help, see the tech above. Then, try to make a psi ball using the negative energy. As a kind of "power-up", you can insert the dark psi ball into yourself to make your body produce the negative energy naturally.

Exercise Two: Scream of RageEdit
Power all of the negative energy you have gathered into your palm. Compact the energy into your arm. Aim your palm at your target, and fire the energy out, imagining it expanding as you do so. If you'd like to focus your energy, add a war cry/kia to this move.

Exercise Three: Beam of DespairEdit
For this, its best to draw your power from a source, and convert it to negative energy(see Negative Conversion below). Then, simply create a negative psi ball from this, and fire it out as a beam. As above, you can add a war cry/kia to this move to focus the energy.

Exercise Four: Grudge SettlerEdit
This move expends a lot of energy, but has a blast radius to make it fun! First, create a negative psi ball (we're getting good at these now, aren't we?) and continously add negative energy to it. When its very large, compact it to make it more dense. Imagine it as a bomb, and throw it where you like. Calculate the blast radius before you do so, unless you want to get hit by the blast as well. Of course, you could ingest any energy that comes your way and re-use it, but why bother?

Exercise Five: Dark DrainEdit
Word of caution: This move is INCREDIBLY stupid-looking in public. Unless you wish to be arrested, or simply want to look stupid, use the Dark Sap technique shown below. You have been warned! Essentially, grab someone (not in a wierd place please) and imagine that your energy hangs off of you in tendrils, like roots. Imagine these "roots" grabbing the victim, and sucking out their energy. Afterwards, let go. You will feel pretty refreshed, but be careful, as sucking too much energy out can potentially kill the victim.

Exercise Six: Negative ConversionEdit
First, gather some non-negative energy. Transfer it into yourself, and imagine that you are inforcing your will on the energy, commanding it to become dark. Or, if you already have negative energy in you, simply "mix" it with the other energy to make it become dark. Use this often, there are far fewer sources of negative energy in the world then there are of ANY other source.

Exercise Seven: Dark TransformationEdit
Another word of caution: There is no guarantee that the dark version of yourself will think in the same way as you do normally. Simply create a negative psi ball and cover yourself with it. Program it to increase your speed and strength. Then, re-absorb it into your body.

Exercise Eight: The Negative AbyssEdit
Gather a huge amount of negative energy, compress it into an extremely small psi ball. Now, start imagining all the energy around you being sucked in. Soon, you'll have a mini-sized dark hole in front of you.

Exercise Nine: Dark SapEdit
Take any living thing (plant, animal, or human) and see a cord of purple energy coming from your victim and into your hand and just sap the energy from them. Think of it as the victims' aura being reduced.

Exercise Ten: Shadow TravelingEdit
Be in a shadow and picture the location you want to go to. Then Visualize a tunnel and feel Negative energy around you. Then you Visualize yourself walking to the end of the tunnel. When you reach the end open your eyes and you might be at the location. This takes lots of time, patience, and practice.

Exercise Eleven: Heartless AngelEdit
The purposes of this training are: 1. To reveal the evil in someone. 2. To destroy the goodness in someone. To do this visualize the target's heart as a holy glowing shape. Then visualize darkness in the core of the heart. Next see it glowing darker as it covers and destroys the lightness in the heart. Then visualize it acting negatively. To use purpose two do the same but instead see the holy creature being destroyed by the darkness as it covers their whole form, therefore banishing the holy creature from existence.

Exercise Twelve: Moving ShadowsEdit
Sit or stand somewhere and have an object in front of you that has cast its own shadow (if you don't want to do that you can use your own shadow for this lesson.) Now let your psi energy out and let it soak into the target shadow so that it is molded with it. Now, create a "wire" of your psi energy connected to the one in the shadow so that you are going to be moving the shadow like a puppet. Now once the string is attached, let your mind control the shadow with the "wire" that you created with your psi energy. This may take some time to get it right, but don't try to hard because if you do it could cause a strain on your mind which could result in very weak shadowkinesis for a couple of days.

Exercise Thirteen: Dark Chains Edit
This is a dangerous skill, be sure not to use it for personal gain or bad stuff
First, summon dark energy and be one with it. Then shape the dark energy that you've summoned into chains with spikes on them (OR it can be just a plain chain), whatever the shape is, just make sure you've programmed it to curl tight around the target.

Once you can do that, lower your hands (curl them into fists, palms up) , (as you do the next move, picture the dark chains wrapping around your target, and hardening) , splay your hands quickly, and your target's should be bound!

Exercise Fourteen: Doppelganger (Chriswalt)Edit
Before attempting this, it is a good idea to learn how psionic constructs work, and how to make them!
This skill can be a bit hard to achieve, but, fill your entire body with dark, negative energy, until it takes the shape of you. Keep filling it up with energy, more and more. Let your mind connect with the energy, and form a basic consciousnesses matrix (like a grid of consciousness), and develop a brain for it. The brain can be anywhere, any size. This is the primary basis of it's knowledge, memory, intellect, or what ever you wish for it to have. When the brain is complete, it is now time to give "Birth" to it. Imagine your mind disconnecting from it's consciousness matrix and brain, becoming a whole different entity. Visualize it peeling away from you, forcing it's way out of your body, finally, given birth. You may be able to see it, and definitely be able to sense it. Depending on how you programmed and formed it's brain, it will either be a servant, hostile, or what ever. If you want it to last a long time, make sure you feed it enough negative energy daily, via sending it negative energy. What you have created is essentially a demon, but with a mind and functions constructed by you. Also, once you have given birth to the entity, you can reshape it now.

If you want complete control over the doppelganger via your own mind, then do not give it a brain or consciousness matrix, and just keep your mind connected to the doppelganger at all times. You can use it for remote viewing, attacks, or what ever you wish at this point.

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